die Alte Welt

Meeting with Hith
  • We meet with Hithroldrir Fellhand, the elven ambassador to Altdorf’s magic school
  • Hith assigns one month of apprenticeship to Angran, so Angran spends the month mopping, sweeping, and learning to read.
  • Meanwhile, Corvin spends the month spreading the word that their shop will gladly pay 10,000 thrones for the Ring of Ranald.
  • Corvin also commissions and purchases a best quality mace. When receiving it, he decides to name it Tax Collector
  • Hennesey heads to the Vampire Hunter brotherhood and meets up with Sven, who invites him in and tells him to come back when he’s looking for work.
  • Hith then assigns Angran (and friends) to explore the tomb of Karitamen, far to the south.
After the cult
  • Loot the cultist cave
  • Find a magic staff, magic crossbow, and magic ring
  • Strip the mail coat from the evil berzerker
  • Tip over the altar and smash it
  • Rescue the child
  • We bring the child to the priest of Sigmar in Bogenhafen.
    • We re-name the child Magnus Yavondir, and ask the priest to either find the child’s parents or raise him as a ward of the church.
    • We have the priest bless the armor and verify that the magic items are not cursed or infused with chaos magic.
  • Corvin buys a round of the best quality spirits for himself and his companions to celebrate their victory over the forces of chaos.
  • Go talk to the halflings and receive our reward
    • Angran senses that a balled up cloak being used as a bed for a cat is in fact magical. He buys it off the unsuspecting halflings for a handful of silver.
    • Corvin slams his fist on the table and warns the halflings to avoid the temptations of greed or wind up like their counterparts (ie. the cultists we had killed in the cave)
  • Talk to our thieves guild and tell them to keep an eye on the halflings, watch out for evil, and take care of Magnus Yavondir (make sure he’s safe).
Killing Chaos Cultists
  • Left the pitiful excuse for a thieves’ guild on their own, to train and observe until we return.
  • Met with Tom the halfling, who said he has work for us. He has a business rival who’s blocking him getting a seat on the town council. But, the rival is also a member of a chaos cult which meets outside of town, and Tom asked that we take them down.
  • Decided to start by planting items of ill fortune on the two business men before they go to their chaos meeting that evening. Corvin disguised himself as a beggar while one of the local thieves guild members stashed the doll on them.
  • They head to the cave and wait for the cultists to enter, before entering themselves. The observe the two big financial muckety mucks, as well as four others.
  • They then barge into the cave, finding it’s been hollowed out fairly well. They kill a sleeping guard and let themselves in. A hallways leads down to a kitchen/dining hall area, with two cultists preparing food and eating.
  • Quote of the night: “I will spice your meal with Justice!” – Micah
  • They kill the two cooks, sneak into the nearby bunks and kill a sleeping cultist, then prepare to go into the next room; they now hear sinister voices from inside.
  • They burst through the door, to find a sinister ceremony already in progress. There is a chaos priest in front of a small group of people, he has a baby, and seems to be preparing to ritually sacrifice it. Next to him there is a knight of some kind, wearing dread armor. They gulp, and charge in.
  • The group is quickly surrounded by the cultists, and have trouble holding them off. The armored knight swings his giant two handed sword and cuts a swath out of Hennessy, forcing him to quaff a healing draught. Angran is overtaken by a spell from the cult priest, he sees dread visions he can’t shake off, stunning him and driving him closer to insanity. Corvin sees his companions suffering, and is filled with righteous rage, turns on the knight, and fells him completely in two massive blows.
  • Angran tries to shock the priest, but his spells fizzle, and he’s unable to land an attack.
Five Gold, Five Graves
Arriving in Bogenhafen
  • Come back to the wagon and find the driver is heavily wounded still alive. Angran slathers him up with a healing poultice, and keeps him from dying.
  • Corvin demands that the dead guards’ bodies be brought along for a proper burial. Sigmar would require at least as much. So, they strap the corpses to the top of the carriage and throw a blanket over them.
  • Further down the road, we are hailed by a group of road wardens. They wish to search the carriage, looking for a stolen necklace. Together, Angran and Corvin manage to convince them that there’s no need to search everything, and they simply search the dead men’s pockets. They also mention there is a sizable reward for the necklace.
  • In Bogenhafen, we deliver the woman to her father’s mansion and receive our reward: 35 gold and her horse.
  • As we cross town, we are attacked by thieves. Tardach manages to see them before they attack, warning the rest of the party. We give the thieves a chance to run, but they decide to attack instead.
  • Corvin throws 6 crowns on the ground, saying “One throne for each of your graves.” This doesn’t intimidate them, though, and they charge in.
  • After the fight, Corvin collects his 6 gold, fully intending to pay for the burial of the brigands.
  • Angran decides it’s in his best interest to start wearing some armor, even if it interferes somewhat with his spellcasting.
  • Tardach chases the one who escaped, but he sticks to the shadows so as to avoid being seen. He follows the thief to a run down house, where he speaks a pass phrase, “Pumpkin ….” Tardach can’t hear the second part.
  • Instead of kicking in the door, Corvin uses his knowledge of the streets to gather some information, and learns that the Thieves’ Guild here is quite weak. Then they decide to attack.
  • At the door, Corvin gives a thief sign for “visiting thief” and they let him in. As soon as the door opens, he strides in, kicks in another door and throws 5 gold down. “5 graves, 5 gold, that was the deal.”
  • The thieves are fully intimidated and agree to bow down to the party.
Wrecking some crazies' shit

Our intrepid mercenaries headed over to the entrance of the sanitarium, and found a mob of inmates engaged in a vicious fight with their friend Fred, captain of the guard, and a wizard who fought at his side. Between all of them, they managed to destroy the mob of crazies around them. Fred was very skilled with his sword as he slashed down the people, and his friend hit them with rays of flames. The group was fairly impressed by their skill as they worked together. After they were done, Fred introduced his friend, Otto Rudiger. He thanked them for their help in dispatching the crazies, and told them that this was the last group of them, and that they could relax. However, he said he had a mission for them, if they were up for some clink. Corvin said that was all he needed to hear, but Fred explained more anyway.

He wanted them to go to the nearby town of Bogenhafen and take a letter of Marque, and show it to the Mayor there to gain more reinforcements for the town guard – the sanitarium escape had hurt their numbers quite a bit. Angran talked with Fred a bit about possible causes of the escape, which Fred was about to investigate, but Tardach wanted to get going on their mission.

They headed out immediately, anxious to get on the road again, feeling cooped up by city life. They stopped that night at a small town called Frederheim, halfway to their destination. Continuing on, they found on the road, a woman wearing a nice dress standing dazed by a carriage, along with several men around dead with arrows in them. They asked her what had happened, and barely managed to contain their excitement at learning there were bandits around. She asked them to retrieve some papers they had taken, and Corvin and Tardach demanded their compensation be whatever gold they recovered, as well as her horse. She agreed, saying that the papers were more valuable to her than the money taken. (Her name was Elise Magirius)

They were able to follow a trail of blood leading off into the woods, from one of their men which had been injured. The party followed it easily, eventually coming upon a small camp with a few tents and a fire in a clearing. They set upon them with an eagerness, Corvin charging in on his horse, Tardach sniping with his bow, Hennessey switching between shooting his bow and tossing out bolas, and Angran taking potshots from behind. They took them all out fairly handily, with Corvin rushing around, and Hennessy boloing them before they could get too close, but Angran still took a strong hit to the arm, forcing him to retreat for a bit. After the fight, the cage seemed to contain two halflings, tied up. Their names were Tom Greenthistle and Bob Greenthistle, and they said they were kidnapped on the order of someone higher up than the men in that camp, and that if they were transported back to Bogenhafen (the town they were heading for), they would reward the party. They then returned back to Elise, and gave her her paper.

Game in Progress
  • Guard activity going on outside
  • We go outside and see a group of guards heading into the dockside district
  • The guards tell us that some inmates have escaped from the sanitarium
  • Corvin demands some clink in exchange for helping. We’ll help, but we want gold thrones, not a few piddly silver pieces.
  • We find a half dozen crazed inmates trying to break into a store.
  • Corvin charges in from behind, smashing one in the back of the head, dropping him to the ground in a bloody heap.
  • Angran rains arrows on them, bringing one down.
  • Hennessey throws several bolos, entangling a few.
  • Wade in and thrash on them, killing them all.
  • We find a key on a leather thong around one of their necks.

Notable Quotes: “I’d eat my own grandmother if she wasn’t covered in shit.” – Jordan, describing the mentality of hungry sanitarium inmates.

Job for Gregory
Working our way into the thieves' guild

A deal was brokered with Anthony, and we successfully completed the transaction, the store is ours. We were given the grand tour, when a young boy came with a note for the group. It was a message from Derrick, their contact in the thieves guild. They met with him at their usual place, the Wenches’ Itch. There, they were told that the leader of the guild wanted to meet with them! Apparently their work dealing with the upstart rival guild had been extremely satisfactory, and the leader wanted to meet the wunderkind.

They were led, blindfolded, to a secret location, and brought through a very tastefully decorated basement to see the leader, whose name was Gregory. He was very smartly dressed, and seemed to be more of a legitimate businessman than a thief. He talked with them a while, and asked them about their plans for the store they had bought. Angran told him about his plans for the apothecary business, Corvin played up how they would be willing to act as a fence for the guild. Gregory seemed pleased, saying he hoped that they would be more willing to deal with the guild than Anthony had been. And, he mentioned to Angran that he hoped he would be willing to make poisons for them.

But, on to business! Gregory had a job for them, which seemed to be better suited for their brutish ways. There was a golden chalice which was owned by a rich family, the Macintyres, and Gregory wanted it stolen. So far he hadn’t had any luck with his regular thieves, which were not as suited to the straight up brawling style.

They went to the manor, and scouted it out. They came up with a plan, where Angran would distract the guard out front, by pretending to be a tutor investigating the family for potential jobs. Corvin, Hennessey and Tardach all snuck in through an upper window. Corvin got the jump on a guard half asleep in the hallway, and they took him out quickly. They searched his body and found the key to the door he was guarding. Upon opening the door, they saw the chalice, but Hennessey quickly noticed that the room was trapped with a tripwire. He was able to quickly find and disarm it. They grabbed the chalice and ran out, Hennessey wrapping a bola around a guard running up the stairs, as they all quickly exit out the window and run.

They got away with the chalice, but a disagreement soon arose, as Angran and Corvin seemed to be expecting to get away with some more than just the chalice, whereas Hennessey was opposed to the idea. They had an argument about their actual goal in joining the thieves guild, with Hennessey only wanting to join and work for them, for the ultimate goal of bringing down the guild, and arresting their leader.

Going Straight
Sir, I'm just a business man

Corvin asks around to see if there are any pawn or second hand stores for sale. The plan is to set up a legitimate storefront that can serve as a front for any sort of nefarious, illegal activities we care to engage in.

Taking advice from a beggar, we all head down to the docks, where we find a shop being run by an middle aged bald man by the name of Anthony. Angran talks to him for a bit about buying his shop, and he’s quite amenable to the idea. He tells us that he needs to talk it over with his family, and to come back tomorrow.

Angran heads over to the Apothecary Guild Hall in order to attempt to join. They give him a short test of his Apothecary skills, and he manages to show a decent amount of skill. Afterwards, for a fee of 5g, they induct him into the guild, giving him rights to buy and sell herbs, reagents, potions and draughts.

We all go to sleep, hoping to complete some purchases the next day so we can get to more adventurous activities. However, in the middle of the night, Angran hears someone fiddling with the shutters on the window. Quietly raising his bow, he aims an arrow at the window. As the shutters ease open, he fires an arrow straight into the cat burglar’s arm. Losing his grip, he falls to his death on the street below.

We are unable to identify the corpse, except that it’s a young man, probably around the age of 19. Angran gets the idea to take his corpse to the Thieves’ Guild and see if they know him. So, hoisting the corpse up as if he’s a drunk companion, we stumble into the night, heading toward the Wench’s Itch.

Unfortunately, our contact in the guild is unable to identify the corpse, and his best guess is that he’s a young kid looking for a thrill. Guess he found it…

The next day, we head off to meet with the Merchant’s Guild, to get permission to buy Anthony’s pawn shop near the docks. Without further ado, he stamps our application form Approved ! With approval in hand, we head directly to Anthony’s shop to buy it.

Anthony says that he is happy to sell the shop, and plans to move to the country. Since we need someone to run the counter, we ask him if he’d be willing to stay on. He declines, stating that it’s simply gotten too unsafe to stay in the city. Tardach promises to clean up the surrounding area and keep the place safe. Anthony says that he’ll talk to his wife and see if she would be ok with things.

Settling into town.
finding work

Our merry band is out looking for work while waiting for the merchant and apothecary guilds to get back to them about setting up shop in town. They went to talk to Fred, their friend in the city guard. He told them about some standing jobs to keep vagrants in the city moving.

However, they completely ignored this job in order to meet with their contact in the thieves guild, meeting him at the Wenches’ Itch. He gave them a job to take out someone who defected, and is trying to start up a competing group of thieves, Heinrich Lasseter. They try to find out any vices he has, like drinking and whores.

And so, they come up with a plan. Angran will come calling on them with several whores and lots of alcohol, claiming to be wanting to ingratiate himself with the new power in town, and so brings them these gifts. He will get them drunk and happy, and then sneak out to tell the group where Heinrich was, so they can sneak in and assassinate him.

The plan was a huge success. Under the guise of Marc Antonostri, Angran, along with 15 whores and a keg of rotgut, pretended to be a new businessman in town who wanted to pay the proper respects to the new power in town. The guards and other men with him were very eager to plow into both the keg and the whores. Heinrich was understandably paranoid, never leaving his room upstairs, but he ultimately allowed Angran in, and succumbed to the flattery and gifts he supplied.

After a few hours, the whole crew was sufficiently plied, and so Angran signaled his companions to come in. They entered through a second floor window, coming down from the roof. The door to his room was locked, but they knocked and one of the whores let him in. Tardach and Corvin both attacked him in his sleep, killing him. Angran hurried the remaining whores out of the room. The group decided to give all of them an extra tip, apologized for the extreme circumstances, and asked if they would be willing to take part in a plan like this again – to which some of them agreed.

The remaining thugs who were still passed out on the ground they manacled and tied together, taking their belongings, and then searching the building for the papers the thieves guild required.

Arrival in Altdorf
How quickly will we be run out of town?

Tardach’s thoughts.

1. Arrived today in Altdorf. Toll was very high. Had to leave horses in stable. I wonder if guards are open to bribes.

2. Went to town guard station used past experience with Road Wardens to ingratiate ourselves. Got referrals to Anthony the Blacksmith to sell, and to Franz the Cartographer for maps of the city. Set up to meet for drinks with Fred next night.

3. Went to Anthony the Blacksmith. Seemed trustworthy. Sold items from adventuring,and got a good price. We dropped off our equipment for repairs/cleaning. Wanted to look our best when we go to Merchant’s Guild.

4. Went to Franz the Cartographer. He is kind of a dick. He seemed very wealthy. We bought a map and asked some questions. I don’t particularly like him. Might be a possible target for robbery. District he is in highly guarded, and it would be difficult.

5. Rented room at inn and slept.

6. Wake and get our equipment from Anthony. Went to merchants guild. Filled out paperwork and started process of being business owners and possibly land owners in Altdorf.

7. Angran went to apocathary guild. Hennesy myself and Corvin went to docks district.

8. Corvin is most comfortable dealing with the underworld. He tries to get info from beggars and fails. Attempts to do the same with bartender of the Wench’s Itch and fails again. Failed bribes frustrate him. He sees a shady character in corner of Wenches Itch, shows him one of our official Road Warden badges and sets up a meeting to sell it that night at Midnight. Finally a breakthrough.

9. That night we go drinking with Fred the town guard at a bar frequented by the guards. We buy drinks all night. Corvin, Hennesy, and myself don’t drink much. We have a meeting in a few hours that could be dangerous. Fred opens up, introduces us to some of the other guards. We leave Angran and Fred drinking. Fred tells us he could have work for us and to check in with him whenever.

10. We meet with our contact at midnight in the dock’s district. We sell badge for 60 gold and set up a meeting with someone higher up the food chain. We are on our way to infiltrating the thief’s guild. Meeting is scheduled to occur at the Wench’s Itch.

11. Return to Inn. Two days and lots of progress. I feel confident and in my element. I will run this city.


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