die Alte Welt

After the cult

  • Loot the cultist cave
  • Find a magic staff, magic crossbow, and magic ring
  • Strip the mail coat from the evil berzerker
  • Tip over the altar and smash it
  • Rescue the child
  • We bring the child to the priest of Sigmar in Bogenhafen.
    • We re-name the child Magnus Yavondir, and ask the priest to either find the child’s parents or raise him as a ward of the church.
    • We have the priest bless the armor and verify that the magic items are not cursed or infused with chaos magic.
  • Corvin buys a round of the best quality spirits for himself and his companions to celebrate their victory over the forces of chaos.
  • Go talk to the halflings and receive our reward
    • Angran senses that a balled up cloak being used as a bed for a cat is in fact magical. He buys it off the unsuspecting halflings for a handful of silver.
    • Corvin slams his fist on the table and warns the halflings to avoid the temptations of greed or wind up like their counterparts (ie. the cultists we had killed in the cave)
  • Talk to our thieves guild and tell them to keep an eye on the halflings, watch out for evil, and take care of Magnus Yavondir (make sure he’s safe).



  • Destroyed altar of Chaos Cultists = 15 XP
  • Rescued the baby and made sure it would be taken care of = 30 XP
  • Detected and acquired magical cloak = 5 XP (Angran only)
  • Killed 2 Beastmen = 35 XP

Corvin => +80 XP

Hennesy => +80 XP

Tardach => +80 XP

Angran => +85 XP

After the cult

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