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Arrival in Altdorf

How quickly will we be run out of town?

Tardach’s thoughts.

1. Arrived today in Altdorf. Toll was very high. Had to leave horses in stable. I wonder if guards are open to bribes.

2. Went to town guard station used past experience with Road Wardens to ingratiate ourselves. Got referrals to Anthony the Blacksmith to sell, and to Franz the Cartographer for maps of the city. Set up to meet for drinks with Fred next night.

3. Went to Anthony the Blacksmith. Seemed trustworthy. Sold items from adventuring,and got a good price. We dropped off our equipment for repairs/cleaning. Wanted to look our best when we go to Merchant’s Guild.

4. Went to Franz the Cartographer. He is kind of a dick. He seemed very wealthy. We bought a map and asked some questions. I don’t particularly like him. Might be a possible target for robbery. District he is in highly guarded, and it would be difficult.

5. Rented room at inn and slept.

6. Wake and get our equipment from Anthony. Went to merchants guild. Filled out paperwork and started process of being business owners and possibly land owners in Altdorf.

7. Angran went to apocathary guild. Hennesy myself and Corvin went to docks district.

8. Corvin is most comfortable dealing with the underworld. He tries to get info from beggars and fails. Attempts to do the same with bartender of the Wench’s Itch and fails again. Failed bribes frustrate him. He sees a shady character in corner of Wenches Itch, shows him one of our official Road Warden badges and sets up a meeting to sell it that night at Midnight. Finally a breakthrough.

9. That night we go drinking with Fred the town guard at a bar frequented by the guards. We buy drinks all night. Corvin, Hennesy, and myself don’t drink much. We have a meeting in a few hours that could be dangerous. Fred opens up, introduces us to some of the other guards. We leave Angran and Fred drinking. Fred tells us he could have work for us and to check in with him whenever.

10. We meet with our contact at midnight in the dock’s district. We sell badge for 60 gold and set up a meeting with someone higher up the food chain. We are on our way to infiltrating the thief’s guild. Meeting is scheduled to occur at the Wench’s Itch.

11. Return to Inn. Two days and lots of progress. I feel confident and in my element. I will run this city.


XP Awards

  • Made friends with Fred = 20 XP
  • Initiated shop ownership process = 20 XP

Corvin => +40 XP

Hennesy => +40 XP

Tardach => +40 XP

Angran => +40 XP

Arrival in Altdorf

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