die Alte Welt

Five Gold, Five Graves

Arriving in Bogenhafen

  • Come back to the wagon and find the driver is heavily wounded still alive. Angran slathers him up with a healing poultice, and keeps him from dying.
  • Corvin demands that the dead guards’ bodies be brought along for a proper burial. Sigmar would require at least as much. So, they strap the corpses to the top of the carriage and throw a blanket over them.
  • Further down the road, we are hailed by a group of road wardens. They wish to search the carriage, looking for a stolen necklace. Together, Angran and Corvin manage to convince them that there’s no need to search everything, and they simply search the dead men’s pockets. They also mention there is a sizable reward for the necklace.
  • In Bogenhafen, we deliver the woman to her father’s mansion and receive our reward: 35 gold and her horse.
  • As we cross town, we are attacked by thieves. Tardach manages to see them before they attack, warning the rest of the party. We give the thieves a chance to run, but they decide to attack instead.
  • Corvin throws 6 crowns on the ground, saying “One throne for each of your graves.” This doesn’t intimidate them, though, and they charge in.
  • After the fight, Corvin collects his 6 gold, fully intending to pay for the burial of the brigands.
  • Angran decides it’s in his best interest to start wearing some armor, even if it interferes somewhat with his spellcasting.
  • Tardach chases the one who escaped, but he sticks to the shadows so as to avoid being seen. He follows the thief to a run down house, where he speaks a pass phrase, “Pumpkin ….” Tardach can’t hear the second part.
  • Instead of kicking in the door, Corvin uses his knowledge of the streets to gather some information, and learns that the Thieves’ Guild here is quite weak. Then they decide to attack.
  • At the door, Corvin gives a thief sign for “visiting thief” and they let him in. As soon as the door opens, he strides in, kicks in another door and throws 5 gold down. “5 graves, 5 gold, that was the deal.”
  • The thieves are fully intimidated and agree to bow down to the party.


XP Awards

  • Saved the life of Elise’s driver = 5 XP (Angran)
  • Made sure guards got a proper burial = 5 XP (Corvin)
  • Escorted Elise to her home = 15 XP
  • Killed 5 thugs = 35 XP
  • Tracked fleeing thief back to his hideout = 10 XP (Tardach)
  • Gained entry into hideout by using secret thief silent code = 10 XP (Corvin)
  • Convinced remaining thieves to work for the party = 30 XP

Corvin => +95 XP

Hennesy => +80 XP

Tardach => +90 XP

Angran => +85 XP

Five Gold, Five Graves

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