die Alte Welt

Game in Progress

  • Guard activity going on outside
  • We go outside and see a group of guards heading into the dockside district
  • The guards tell us that some inmates have escaped from the sanitarium
  • Corvin demands some clink in exchange for helping. We’ll help, but we want gold thrones, not a few piddly silver pieces.
  • We find a half dozen crazed inmates trying to break into a store.
  • Corvin charges in from behind, smashing one in the back of the head, dropping him to the ground in a bloody heap.
  • Angran rains arrows on them, bringing one down.
  • Hennessey throws several bolos, entangling a few.
  • Wade in and thrash on them, killing them all.
  • We find a key on a leather thong around one of their necks.

Notable Quotes: “I’d eat my own grandmother if she wasn’t covered in shit.” – Jordan, describing the mentality of hungry sanitarium inmates.


XP Awards

  • Defeated 6 crazy people = 100 XP

Corvin => +100 XP

Hennesy => +100 XP

Tardach => +100 XP

Angran => +100 XP

Game in Progress

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