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Going Straight

Sir, I'm just a business man

Corvin asks around to see if there are any pawn or second hand stores for sale. The plan is to set up a legitimate storefront that can serve as a front for any sort of nefarious, illegal activities we care to engage in.

Taking advice from a beggar, we all head down to the docks, where we find a shop being run by an middle aged bald man by the name of Anthony. Angran talks to him for a bit about buying his shop, and he’s quite amenable to the idea. He tells us that he needs to talk it over with his family, and to come back tomorrow.

Angran heads over to the Apothecary Guild Hall in order to attempt to join. They give him a short test of his Apothecary skills, and he manages to show a decent amount of skill. Afterwards, for a fee of 5g, they induct him into the guild, giving him rights to buy and sell herbs, reagents, potions and draughts.

We all go to sleep, hoping to complete some purchases the next day so we can get to more adventurous activities. However, in the middle of the night, Angran hears someone fiddling with the shutters on the window. Quietly raising his bow, he aims an arrow at the window. As the shutters ease open, he fires an arrow straight into the cat burglar’s arm. Losing his grip, he falls to his death on the street below.

We are unable to identify the corpse, except that it’s a young man, probably around the age of 19. Angran gets the idea to take his corpse to the Thieves’ Guild and see if they know him. So, hoisting the corpse up as if he’s a drunk companion, we stumble into the night, heading toward the Wench’s Itch.

Unfortunately, our contact in the guild is unable to identify the corpse, and his best guess is that he’s a young kid looking for a thrill. Guess he found it…

The next day, we head off to meet with the Merchant’s Guild, to get permission to buy Anthony’s pawn shop near the docks. Without further ado, he stamps our application form Approved ! With approval in hand, we head directly to Anthony’s shop to buy it.

Anthony says that he is happy to sell the shop, and plans to move to the country. Since we need someone to run the counter, we ask him if he’d be willing to stay on. He declines, stating that it’s simply gotten too unsafe to stay in the city. Tardach promises to clean up the surrounding area and keep the place safe. Anthony says that he’ll talk to his wife and see if she would be ok with things.


XP Awards

  • Convinced Anthony to sell his shop = 35 XP
  • Passed Apoth. Guild test and became a member = 7 XP (Angran only)
  • Heard and killed burglar single-handedly = 10 XP (Tardach only)

Corvin => +35 XP

Hennesy => +35 XP

Tardach => +45 XP

Angran => +42 XP

Going Straight

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