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Job for Gregory

Working our way into the thieves' guild

A deal was brokered with Anthony, and we successfully completed the transaction, the store is ours. We were given the grand tour, when a young boy came with a note for the group. It was a message from Derrick, their contact in the thieves guild. They met with him at their usual place, the Wenches’ Itch. There, they were told that the leader of the guild wanted to meet with them! Apparently their work dealing with the upstart rival guild had been extremely satisfactory, and the leader wanted to meet the wunderkind.

They were led, blindfolded, to a secret location, and brought through a very tastefully decorated basement to see the leader, whose name was Gregory. He was very smartly dressed, and seemed to be more of a legitimate businessman than a thief. He talked with them a while, and asked them about their plans for the store they had bought. Angran told him about his plans for the apothecary business, Corvin played up how they would be willing to act as a fence for the guild. Gregory seemed pleased, saying he hoped that they would be more willing to deal with the guild than Anthony had been. And, he mentioned to Angran that he hoped he would be willing to make poisons for them.

But, on to business! Gregory had a job for them, which seemed to be better suited for their brutish ways. There was a golden chalice which was owned by a rich family, the Macintyres, and Gregory wanted it stolen. So far he hadn’t had any luck with his regular thieves, which were not as suited to the straight up brawling style.

They went to the manor, and scouted it out. They came up with a plan, where Angran would distract the guard out front, by pretending to be a tutor investigating the family for potential jobs. Corvin, Hennessey and Tardach all snuck in through an upper window. Corvin got the jump on a guard half asleep in the hallway, and they took him out quickly. They searched his body and found the key to the door he was guarding. Upon opening the door, they saw the chalice, but Hennessey quickly noticed that the room was trapped with a tripwire. He was able to quickly find and disarm it. They grabbed the chalice and ran out, Hennessey wrapping a bola around a guard running up the stairs, as they all quickly exit out the window and run.

They got away with the chalice, but a disagreement soon arose, as Angran and Corvin seemed to be expecting to get away with some more than just the chalice, whereas Hennessey was opposed to the idea. They had an argument about their actual goal in joining the thieves guild, with Hennessey only wanting to join and work for them, for the ultimate goal of bringing down the guild, and arresting their leader.


XP Awards

  • Met Gregory and made a favorable first impression = 20 XP
  • Recovered chalice and gave it to Gregory = 80 XP

Corvin => +100 XP

Hennesy => +100 XP

Tardach => +100 XP

Angran => +100 XP

Job for Gregory

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