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Killing Chaos Cultists

  • Left the pitiful excuse for a thieves’ guild on their own, to train and observe until we return.
  • Met with Tom the halfling, who said he has work for us. He has a business rival who’s blocking him getting a seat on the town council. But, the rival is also a member of a chaos cult which meets outside of town, and Tom asked that we take them down.
  • Decided to start by planting items of ill fortune on the two business men before they go to their chaos meeting that evening. Corvin disguised himself as a beggar while one of the local thieves guild members stashed the doll on them.
  • They head to the cave and wait for the cultists to enter, before entering themselves. The observe the two big financial muckety mucks, as well as four others.
  • They then barge into the cave, finding it’s been hollowed out fairly well. They kill a sleeping guard and let themselves in. A hallways leads down to a kitchen/dining hall area, with two cultists preparing food and eating.
  • Quote of the night: “I will spice your meal with Justice!” – Micah
  • They kill the two cooks, sneak into the nearby bunks and kill a sleeping cultist, then prepare to go into the next room; they now hear sinister voices from inside.
  • They burst through the door, to find a sinister ceremony already in progress. There is a chaos priest in front of a small group of people, he has a baby, and seems to be preparing to ritually sacrifice it. Next to him there is a knight of some kind, wearing dread armor. They gulp, and charge in.
  • The group is quickly surrounded by the cultists, and have trouble holding them off. The armored knight swings his giant two handed sword and cuts a swath out of Hennessy, forcing him to quaff a healing draught. Angran is overtaken by a spell from the cult priest, he sees dread visions he can’t shake off, stunning him and driving him closer to insanity. Corvin sees his companions suffering, and is filled with righteous rage, turns on the knight, and fells him completely in two massive blows.
  • Angran tries to shock the priest, but his spells fizzle, and he’s unable to land an attack.


Killed several cultists

Corvin => +165 XP

Hennesy => +165 XP

Tardach => +165 XP

Angran => +165 XP

Killing Chaos Cultists

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