die Alte Welt

Meeting with Hith

  • We meet with Hithroldrir Fellhand, the elven ambassador to Altdorf’s magic school
  • Hith assigns one month of apprenticeship to Angran, so Angran spends the month mopping, sweeping, and learning to read.
  • Meanwhile, Corvin spends the month spreading the word that their shop will gladly pay 10,000 thrones for the Ring of Ranald.
  • Corvin also commissions and purchases a best quality mace. When receiving it, he decides to name it Tax Collector
  • Hennesey heads to the Vampire Hunter brotherhood and meets up with Sven, who invites him in and tells him to come back when he’s looking for work.
  • Hith then assigns Angran (and friends) to explore the tomb of Karitamen, far to the south.



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