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Settling into town.

finding work

Our merry band is out looking for work while waiting for the merchant and apothecary guilds to get back to them about setting up shop in town. They went to talk to Fred, their friend in the city guard. He told them about some standing jobs to keep vagrants in the city moving.

However, they completely ignored this job in order to meet with their contact in the thieves guild, meeting him at the Wenches’ Itch. He gave them a job to take out someone who defected, and is trying to start up a competing group of thieves, Heinrich Lasseter. They try to find out any vices he has, like drinking and whores.

And so, they come up with a plan. Angran will come calling on them with several whores and lots of alcohol, claiming to be wanting to ingratiate himself with the new power in town, and so brings them these gifts. He will get them drunk and happy, and then sneak out to tell the group where Heinrich was, so they can sneak in and assassinate him.

The plan was a huge success. Under the guise of Marc Antonostri, Angran, along with 15 whores and a keg of rotgut, pretended to be a new businessman in town who wanted to pay the proper respects to the new power in town. The guards and other men with him were very eager to plow into both the keg and the whores. Heinrich was understandably paranoid, never leaving his room upstairs, but he ultimately allowed Angran in, and succumbed to the flattery and gifts he supplied.

After a few hours, the whole crew was sufficiently plied, and so Angran signaled his companions to come in. They entered through a second floor window, coming down from the roof. The door to his room was locked, but they knocked and one of the whores let him in. Tardach and Corvin both attacked him in his sleep, killing him. Angran hurried the remaining whores out of the room. The group decided to give all of them an extra tip, apologized for the extreme circumstances, and asked if they would be willing to take part in a plan like this again – to which some of them agreed.

The remaining thugs who were still passed out on the ground they manacled and tied together, taking their belongings, and then searching the building for the papers the thieves guild required.


XP Awards

  • Brought down Heinrich Lassiter and returned the papers to the thieve’s guild = 50 XP
  • Captured rest of the gang alive = 20 XP
  • Great idea using whores and rotgut to infiltrate the hideout and incapacitate the gang = 60 XP

Corvin => +130 XP

Hennesy => +130 XP

Tardach => +130 XP

Angran => +130 XP

Settling into town.

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