die Alte Welt

Wrecking some crazies' shit

Our intrepid mercenaries headed over to the entrance of the sanitarium, and found a mob of inmates engaged in a vicious fight with their friend Fred, captain of the guard, and a wizard who fought at his side. Between all of them, they managed to destroy the mob of crazies around them. Fred was very skilled with his sword as he slashed down the people, and his friend hit them with rays of flames. The group was fairly impressed by their skill as they worked together. After they were done, Fred introduced his friend, Otto Rudiger. He thanked them for their help in dispatching the crazies, and told them that this was the last group of them, and that they could relax. However, he said he had a mission for them, if they were up for some clink. Corvin said that was all he needed to hear, but Fred explained more anyway.

He wanted them to go to the nearby town of Bogenhafen and take a letter of Marque, and show it to the Mayor there to gain more reinforcements for the town guard – the sanitarium escape had hurt their numbers quite a bit. Angran talked with Fred a bit about possible causes of the escape, which Fred was about to investigate, but Tardach wanted to get going on their mission.

They headed out immediately, anxious to get on the road again, feeling cooped up by city life. They stopped that night at a small town called Frederheim, halfway to their destination. Continuing on, they found on the road, a woman wearing a nice dress standing dazed by a carriage, along with several men around dead with arrows in them. They asked her what had happened, and barely managed to contain their excitement at learning there were bandits around. She asked them to retrieve some papers they had taken, and Corvin and Tardach demanded their compensation be whatever gold they recovered, as well as her horse. She agreed, saying that the papers were more valuable to her than the money taken. (Her name was Elise Magirius)

They were able to follow a trail of blood leading off into the woods, from one of their men which had been injured. The party followed it easily, eventually coming upon a small camp with a few tents and a fire in a clearing. They set upon them with an eagerness, Corvin charging in on his horse, Tardach sniping with his bow, Hennessey switching between shooting his bow and tossing out bolas, and Angran taking potshots from behind. They took them all out fairly handily, with Corvin rushing around, and Hennessy boloing them before they could get too close, but Angran still took a strong hit to the arm, forcing him to retreat for a bit. After the fight, the cage seemed to contain two halflings, tied up. Their names were Tom Greenthistle and Bob Greenthistle, and they said they were kidnapped on the order of someone higher up than the men in that camp, and that if they were transported back to Bogenhafen (the town they were heading for), they would reward the party. They then returned back to Elise, and gave her her paper.


XP Awards

  • Helped Fred and Otto out of a jam = 30 XP
  • Defeated 5 bandits = 50 XP
  • Gave Elise her papers back = 20 XP
  • Freed halflings = 10 XP
  • Delivered message from Fred = 10 XP

Corvin => +120 XP

Hennesy => +120 XP

Tardach => +120 XP

Angran => +120 XP

Wrecking some crazies' shit

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