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We head back to the monastery to collect the reward from Brother Charles, and he’s so pleased he immediately hands over 150 gold.


  • Buy some property in the trade district, like a blacksmith shop, or something that could become a blacksmith shop
  • Make contact w/ current thieves guild
    • Temple of Ranald, maybe?
  • Check w/ city guard if there are any bounties, especially on local thieves
  • Look for a local apothecary, see if they have any adventuring needed. Also look for local schools of magic.
More mutants in the forest
We just spend our time B.S.'ing

We really didn’t play much this time. Instead we spent the entire session eating our Chinese food and B.S.’ing about upcoming video games, the future of D&D, and how to handle people dropping in and out over the summer. Still, it’s fun to get together with friends, even if all you do is shoot the breeze.

After killing the hideous mutants, Angran was very curious about their mutations. He began chopping bits and pieces off of the mutants in order to keep for further study. Corvin was horrified by this, and spent the whole time praying to Sigmar to protect him from the horrors of Chaos.

At this point, it was getting dark. We had not yet found the leader, but there was no point in going further. So, we bedded down and decided to search more the next day.

However, in the middle of the night, we heard a crashing and moaning in the woods around us, so we got up and prepared ourselves.

Crashing in the clearing came three disgusting mutants, one much larger than the others and obviously the leader we were looking for. Without hesitation we charged in and attacked.

As usual, Hennessey was able to immobilize one of the mutants, and Angran and Tardach peppered him full of arrows while he tried to disentangle himself from the bola. Meanwhile, Corvin busied himself pounding on the leader with his mace.

When face to hideous face with the mutant leader, Corvin stumbles and the massive brute attempts to wrap him up in his tentacles. As the Chaos warped limbs touch Corvin, he feels bile rising in his throat when he thinks about the chaos and evil surrounding him (see quote below).

Finally, after trading blows for a while, Corvin manages to smash his mace through the beasts chest, shattering his ribcage. Blood and guts flies in Corvin’s face and he screams in terror as he frantically tries to scrape off the chaos infested gore. Making a sign against evil, he manages to regain his composure.

Standing among the downed mutants, we decide it’s time to go back and get our reward from Brother Charles.

Notable Quotes

  • “We don’t need to re-enact the bile rising into your mouth. That’s too close to LARP’ing.” – Jordan
Mutants in the forest
In Sigmar's name, we will exterminate

After last time, we had eight horses from Lars’s crew. Seeing as how horses are pretty expensive, we decide to keep four for ourselves and sell four back to the Roadwardens. After all, they belonged to them in the first place, before Lars and his crew went rogue.

Jorg tells us that there is a nearby town with an above average rate of chaos mutations. Since it’s on the way to Altdorf, we decide to give it a shot.

We head north along the main road, and two days later find a side road to Priestlicheim. The side road is significantly smaller, and the forest closes in on both sides. Some ways down the road, we come upon a group of hobgoblins harassing a cart driver. Immediately, we drop from our horses and rush to help.

The hobgoblins leave the farmer alone and charge in against us. Hennessey, as usual, shuts them down with his bolas, brining them to the ground. As soon as they are entangled, everyone else takes advantage. In a hail of arrows, two of the hobgoblins are turned into bloody pincushions. The third trades blows with Corvin, neither able to gain the advantage. Breaking the stalemate, Tardach fires an arrow into his left arm, staggering the vile creature. Following that, Angran’s arrow takes him in the knee shredding his leg and bringing him down.

The farmer is quite grateful, but all he has to offer us is oats and grain for our horses. What a letdown…

We arrive at Priestlicheim late at night, and head directly to an inn to spend the night. The next morning we head off to the monastery to seek adventure. The monks immediately recognize us as adventurers. We are introduced to Brother Charles, who tells us that there is a particularly violent mutant who is terrorizing the countryside. He asks us to head out into the forest and eliminate him. Corvin shivers with fear and disgust, as he is revolted by the idea of mutants. Crossing his fingers, he makes a sign to ward off evil.

Striking off into the woods, it doesn’t take us long to find a pack of mutants. Three horrible creatures try to hide, but we still manage to spot them, so they crash out of the woods and attack. Warped beyond recognition, they have tentacles, eyestalks, claws, and other hideous mutations.

Hennessey rushes in, bolas flying, but the mutants manage to dodge. One runs up to Hennessey and slashes him across the arm. Another hulking mutant charges in, but Tardach looses an arrow which knocks him off his feet and he collapses, unconscious. The other two press the attack, but we manage to hold them off. Again, Corvin tries to engage them in melee, while everyone else fires from range. Tardach scores hit after hit with his elfbow, inflicting massive damage on the mutants. Corvin manages to crush one’s arm, killing him from massive blood loss. Hennessey charges the unconscious hulk and finishes him with a spear blow to the head.

Face to face with one of the mutants, Angran attempts a shock spell, but fails miserably. Worse yet, he loses control of the magical energies and is surrounded by an eerie light. The foul power of chaos begins to seep into his mind, but he strengthens his resolve and does not yield to the force of darkness and insanity.

After dodging a blow from the creature, Angran tries again and manages to connect with a shock. The creature is caught unaware and stunned. Taking advantage of the creature’s weakened state, Hennessey and Corvin charge in, but fail miserably in their attacks. Angran is forced to shock him yet again, giving everyone else another chance to wail on him. With that we are able to pound him into oblivion.

Taking down Lars
and stealing his horses

The group had set up their ambush, waiting for Lars and their men. They filled the cave with straw and lamp oil, and were planning to lure the men in there, then set everything on fire, and set up a wood lattice outside the cave entrance , and set it on fire.

The lay in wait, and Lars eventually showed up with 6 other goons. 5 of them went in the cave to investigate, and 2 goons remained outside. Suddenly they sprang into action. Hennessy started throwing bolas from a nearby hidden position, and Tardach ran from the woods, grabbed the lattice, and jammed it in the doorway. Angran ran right behind him, grabbing some flaming wood from the fire and lighting the lattice. Hennessy continued throwing Bolas as Corvin ran up and began beating them both with his mace. The goon cried out, hopefully not loudly enough for Lars to hear and be alerted quite yet.

Tardach and Corvin both clobbered the outside goons, as the flames and smoke grew in the cave. Angran tried to conjure magical winds to further blow the flame and smoke in the cave but his spell sputtered and failed. Corvin continued to smash the goons as they trip and fall over the bolas, smashing one in the groin. Angran managed to blow a wind into the cave raising the flames, as Corvin and Tardach take potshots at the goons with bolas ever wrapping around their feet. Ultimately the two goons on watch were killed, with the inside goons all falling unconscious from smoke inhalation. They were all locked up with their own manacles, and forced to march back to the Strutting Cock.

At the Strutting Cock, Angran and Hennessy watched the prisoners, as Tardach and Corvin went inside to apprehend the last member of their gang, who was inside the inn. They went and confronted Bob, who threw his ale mug at Corvin and tried to resist, but they beat the resistance out of him, and completely obliterated his poor body.

They then took all of their horses, and marched the prisoners back to the road warden headquarters.

Back to the Strutting Cock
It's the name of the inn, I swear.

Corvin asks around about local thieves, trying to determine if there is a guild. He learns that most thieves operate out of Talabheim, and sometimes they’ll send a gang to Hermsdorf.

Speaking with the rest of the party, Corvin mentions that he’s thinking of starting up a thieves’ guild of his own. The others are apathetic, except for Tardach, who really likes the idea.

We head north along the Old Forest Road to Lieske, intending to meet up with some road wardens. Tardach takes the opportunity to do a little hunting. He manages to take a rabbit, skin and clean it. The road is fairly well traveled, and we pass along by merchants, farmers, and such.

In Lieske, we stop at Taal’s Bowers, a fortified coaching Inn that serves as the headquarters for the road wardens. With little effort, we are able to get in to meet with Jorg Schmidtt, chief of the road wardens. He directs us to seek out Lars and bring him in, as word has spread of a rogue road warden, disgracing his hard-working brethren. He also informs us of the standard five silver pence bounty on all greenskins.

To ingratiate the party with the road wardens, Tardach hunts a deer and brings it back to celebrate. We have a friendly party and eat venison all night. The next morning we head back along the road toward the Strutting Cock Inn.

On the road to the Strutting Cock, we come upon a turn in the road. Around the bend, we hear loud sounds of munching and eating. Tardach scouts ahead and finds a beastman chewing on a poor traveler. The beastman’s ears perk up as he hears Tardach approaching, but he cannot see him. Sensing that he has been detected, Tardach immediately goes on the offensive, firing off an arrow. The rest of the party rushes in to join the battle. In a flurry of arrows and crossbow bolts, Tardach and Angran take him down.

At the Inn, Angran talks to the innkeeper, and asks him to help them lure Lars into a trap. He is to tell Lars that a group of drunk brigands were there drinking, and bragged about all the loot they had taken recently and stashed in a cave to the south. When he shows up, we will spring a trap and kill or capture him and his men.

On to Hermsdorf
Pedophiles must die!

Some scruffy looking men in the inn offer to buy Bianka for 10 gold crowns. We tell them to get away from us, and they go back to their table and grumble and stare. Tardach gets the idea that if we leave them alone, they’ll end up buying some other poor kid. So, we decide to meet them to sell Bianka, then kill them and take the money.

Angran approaches the ruffians and offers them 3 small dolls, telling them that they need to present those to us at the meeting place in order to prove it’s not a setup. Slightly puzzled, they agree. In truth, the dolls are the material component to a curse. By carrying the dolls in their possession, they make themselves vulnerable.

Later that night, outside of town, the meeting takes place. The three men approach and demand the girl. Hennessey responds by throwing a net and them and starting the combat.

The fight is short and brutal. Hennessey easily controls the battlefield with his nets and lasso, while the rest of the party mercilessly slaughters their entangled opponents. It’s definitely not a fair fight, but do pedophiles really deserve that much?

We move on the next day to the Leaping Frog Inn, where we stay the night and then move on to Hermsdorf. At Castle Radische, they meet an uncooperative guard who refuses them entry, telling them to come back the next day. Hennessey and Tardach ask the guard his name, in order to report to the Baron who it was that delayed his daughter from arriving. After stammering a reply, the guard goes and gets the steward.

The Baron is quite happy to see his daughter, having been estranged from her for many years. As a reward he gives us 175 gold crowns and his thanks. He then suggests that if we are seeking adventure, we should head north to Lieske, where the road wardens will surely have work for us.

The following day, we took care of some business in town. Corvin goes to a temple of Morr and donates a few gold crowns in order to pay for the passage into the darkness for all the people we killed up to this point. Tardach took some deer meat he had from hunting to an inn, where he traded it for traveling rations. We kept a week’s worth for ourselves, and gave the rest to the temple of Taal & Rhya in order to feed local orphans.

It's Here: Latest Episode

we pick up after the group has killed a bunch of goblins, who had kidnapped Bianka von Zutzen, the daughter of Baron Waldemar von Zutzen.

The group looted all of the goblins, while Angran untied Bianka, and tried to calm and sweet talk her. He argued that they should immediately return her to her family, while the rest of the group wanted to instead enter the nearby cave and exterminate the goblin menace. Ultimately it was decided that they would enter the cave and check it out, while keeping her near, but out of the way. They investigated the insides, and in the left branch of the cave found some living quarters, along with some gold, healing draughts, and a chain coif.

The other branch, they heard sounds of sleeping, so the melee fighters snuck in and slaughtered two goblins in their bed. Angran found a small hidden compartment in the room, which contained 25 more gold crowns.

Before they could leave the cave, they heard the sounds of greenskin talk outside, as well as eating. Tardach snuck outside to find out who was there, and saw 3 orcs and 2 goblins outside. They formed a small barricade at the entrance to the cave as quietly as they could, and then unleashed a barrage of arrows. Angran got off a lucky shot, which severed one of the orc’s arms completely, and he turned to run. The other orcs charged them at the entrance, and viciously fought them in melee. It was a frantic, crazed fight, with very little actual damage done once the fight got started, but eventually they connected enough to bring the monsters down.

They rested and travelled back to where they found Gretel, amidst all the dead bodies. However, once they got there, she was gone, though all the bodies remained.

Bianca was heartbroken when she came back, and pointed out one of the bodies on the ground as her father. She did not seem to understand the party’s story about her father being the baron. Corwin, being a superstitious sort, decided that they should bury all the bodies, in order to appease Morr. “You need to bury them face down, so that yours isn’t the last face they see.”

They buried all the bodies there, and then went on to the town of Ossino.

Rescuing the Baron's Daughter
We finally get to kill something!

It is a beautiful spring day, perfect for traveling. We decide to take the roadway, instead of the river.

After walking for a few hours, we come upon a burned out tollhouse. Unfortunately, there is nothing of value inside. However, we are able to ascertain that several travelers have used the tollhouse as a latrine. Angran shakes his head at the stupidity of humans. Why would you come into a building to take a crap? Why not just crap in the woods?

Rather than staying inside the tollbooth / latrine for idiots, we decided to camp in the woods. It may have been outdoors, but at least we weren’t sleeping in piles of crap.

The next day, a few hours down the road, we came upon a cart being led by some monks. Noticing that they were injured, we offered healing, but they refused. Inquiring about their injuries, they told us that they had been attacked by bandits, and were barely able to beat them back.

We all perked up at the thought of a fight and hurried down the road to where the bandits would be waiting. When we got close, we took to the woods in order to ambush the ambushers. Unfortunately, when we reached the alleged ambush site, we found a group of farmers that had been brutally murdered. However, an elderly woman named Gredel was still alive, but barely.

She told us how they were guarding Bianka von Zutzen, the daughter of Baron von Zutzen. They had been sheltering her for several years in their village. Just that very day, however, they had been attacked by bandits…dressed as monks! If we could somehow recover the Baron’s daughter we would surely be rewarded.

The lure of gold was strong, but mainly we wanted revenge. We were angry that we had been deceived by the travelers with the cart. Turning back, we headed back up the road toward the burned out tollhouse / latrine.

We waited until midnight to make our move on the bandits, but it was too late. Someone else had already attacked them and sacked their cart. In the wreckage we found a letter from the Baron, instructing Gredel to return his daughter so she could be named his heir. A few bodies were left, but none of them was a young girl.

Luckily, Tardach’s expert tracking skills immediately came into play, and he was able to follow the mystery attackers into the woods. After following the trail for about two hours, we came to a clearing in the woods where a group of goblins partied around a campfire. As luck would have it, a young girl was tied up near the outskirts of the camp.

Sneaking in close, Tardach, Angren, and Hennesey readied their bows. Corvin took up a defensive position in front of them, ready to intercept any attackers.

The archers loosed their arrows into the unsuspecting goblins. In a flash, three of the goblins were down, clutching at the protruding arrows. The others were quick to respond, though, and rushed into the woods.

In the ensuing melee, Corvin managed to take down a few goblins, but received a nasty cut down his arm. Tardach danced back, loosing arrows with every step. Angren and Hennesey stuck together, with Angren firing arrows and Hennesey ensnaring a few unluckly goblins in his nets.

Without too much effort, we were able to clear out the goblins. The final two took off into the woods, but we pursued and struck them down as they ran. We left no survivors.

The Story Begins
Rescuing an old man from jail

We did the following:

  • Went to the Inn of the Strutting Cock
  • Found that an old man had been arrested as a bandit by Lars, the road warden.
  • We formulated a complicated plan to spring him from jail, but he suggested that we just go get his wife to testify for him.
    • We demanded that he pay us, and he promised his life savings if we could get him out.
  • We went and got his wife and brought her back. She told the local authorities that her husband was a good man, not a criminal. They believed her and set him free.
  • Lars was angry because he was going to get a big reward for turning in the old man.
Starting next week

We’re spinning up our first Warhammer campaign. The system seems kind of brutal, so we’ll have to see how long we manage to survive…


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