Main Stats WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
base 20 30 20 20 30 25 20 20
starting pts 5 15 5 15 16 20 18 5
bought advances 0 0 0 5 0 0 10 5
totals: 25 45 25 40 46 45 48 30
Secondary Stats A W SB TB Mov Mag IP Fate
starting 1 11 2 3 5 0 0 2
Advance 0 2 0 1
Current 1 13 2 3 5 1 0 3
Talents Effect
Aethyric Attunement +10 Channeling, Magical Sense
Excellent Vision +10 Sight Perception, Lip Reading
Night Vision See in Natural Darkness, 30 yards
Savvy +5 Starting Int
Hedge Magic Cast Hedge Magic
Membership in Apothecary Guild +3 Craft (apothecary)
Known Skills Total Score
Animal Care 45
Charm 25
Hypnotism 48
Perception 45
Search 45
Channeling 58
Charm Animal 25
Heal 45
Magical Sense 58
Knowledge (elves) 45
Speak (eltharin) 45
Speak (reikspiel) 45
Trade (apothecary) 45
Spells Known Casting Number Casting Time Ingredients Effect WP test?
Protection From Rain 3 Full Action Fresh Leaf(+1) Protects you from all rain for 1 hour no
Magic Flame 3 Half Piece of Flint (+1) Flame in your hand, stays until you cast again or close hand no
Gust 4 Half Bird’s Feather (+1) Blows Wind no
Ghost Step 4 1 Full, 1 Half Pinch of Sand (+1) No Visible tracks left for 1 hour, -30 to tracking you no
Ill Fortune 5 1 Full, 1 Half Crude doll of Victim (+1) Enchant Item, gives bad luck – penalty to all checks equal to magic score no
Shock 6 half Small Pin (+1) Touch Stuns for # rounds equal to Magic score yes

Magic Items: Olaf’s Staff – +10 to channeling check, +1 to magic roll


Angran was born into a family of wealth and prestige. He was raised in a life of privilege in Laurelorn Forest, and was on his way to being trained in the ancient elven ways of wizardry. However, he let his sense of entitlement, and his inborn lust take him over – he slept with the daughter of a high ranking official in the elven community, who was not yet of legal age. He was forced to leave the forest in shame. He was shattered, never thinking that he would be forced to abandon the elvish way of life that he loved, or his dream of becoming a master wizard. In the early days after being forced out, he spent his time desperately trying to intuit some of the magical principles he was about to learn. He managed to gain a bit of control, and learned the core principles of hedge wizardry. In time, his brother Tardach found him in the wilderness, and managed to bring him back from the brink of insanity. They decided that he might still be able to learn the elven ways of wizardry by traveling to another elven province Athel Loren, where he might not be as much of an outcast. Tardach’s status as a kithban warrior might also help him be re-accepted, after vouching for him.


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