Corvin Tanson

Family is all that matters


Character Profile

WS BS St To Ag Int WP Fel
Starting 40 20 35 30 40 32 26 35
Advance 10 10 10 5
Current 50
At Wo SB TB Mo Mag IP FP
Starting 1 11 3 3 5 0 0 3
Advance 1 2
Current 2 12


  • Streetwise – +10% to Gossip and Charm when dealing with the criminal underworld.
  • Strike to Stun – Stun opponents (page 101)
  • Night Vision – Can see 30 yards in low light conditions
  • Fleet Footed – +1 to base movement

Skills (Taken)

  • Concealment
  • Common Knowledge (The Empire)
  • Dodge Blow
  • Gossip
  • Perception
  • Ride
  • Scale Sheer Surface
  • Set Trap
  • Silent Move

Name Group Damage Range Reload Qualities
Light Mace Ordinary
Buckler Parrying -4 Bal, Def, Pummel
Bow Ordinary 3 24/48 Half
Dagger Ordinary -3

Type Location Enc AP
Leather Jerkin Body 40 1
Leather Cap Head 10 1


In general, Corvin will attempt to sneak up on an opponent, then engage in melee combat. He will shield bash with his buckler (Strike to Stun) against any opponent without head protection.

As mentioned below, he has no moral aversion to killing and will choose to do so if possible. Unaware or helpless opponents are not spared…


His younger brother, Adam, idolized Corvin and followed him wherever he went. Corvin appreciated his brother’s company and did not mind, even though Adam was smaller and weaker.

When he turned 16, Corvin joined the city guard. He took quickly to learning the various weapons and armor. However, his commander eventually sent him away, citing Corvin’s apparent lack of concern for the citizenry. Several incidents had occurred where Corvin blatantly used excessive force, often without provocation. The last straw was when he roughed up a young man for spitting on the ground in front of Corvin. The young man turned out to be the son of a wealthy local merchant, and that was the end of Corvin’s stint in the city guard.

Following his dismissal, he immediately fell in with the local thieves’ guild (name??). Welcoming a former guardsman with open arms, his martial skills came in quite handy. In addition, he learned the art of stealth and how to deal with the criminal underworld. For three years, until the age of twenty, he worked as an enforcer for the guild, and came to see them as a second family. He even went so far as to sponsor his brother, Adam, as an apprentice thief. Corvin was on a steady rise to a place of prominence among the guild.

On one job, Corvin was outside the door while Adam and another thief, Jeremy, were inside raiding a jewelry shop. From inside, Corvin heard the sounds of a fight. Running inside, he found the two men on the ground. Jeremy sat on Adam’s chest holding a knife to his throat.

“He pocketed a diamond broach for himself, the filthy git! By thieves’ law, I’ll cut him ear to ear,” spat Jeremy.

Having a mere instant, Corvin had to choose between his brother and the brotherhood of thieves. Drawing his mace, he took a step forward and smashed it across Jeremy’s temple. Crumpling to the ground, Jeremy lay still in a pool of his own blood.

Grabbing Adam, Corvin swept as many jewels as possible into a bag and headed for the door. On the way there, a broach fell from beneath Adam’s shirt and thudded on the ground. After dropping it into the bag with the rest, Corvin turned and backhanded Adam hard across the face. “You could have cost us everything, you maggot! Now, let’s get our stories straight…” They came up with a simple story that they were ambushed by the shop owner’s son who had killed Jeremy as they ran out the door.

When they reported to the Master of Thieves that next night, he listened intently to their story. When they finished, he remained quiet for several moments, then spoke.

“I heard things happened a little differently. How did you say it went down, Jeremy?”

With face wrapped in bloody bandages, Jeremy shuffled into the room. He seemed to be having trouble walking, and his breathing was ragged. With his speech heavily slurred, he was difficult to understand as he recounted the true story of betrayal.

Knowing they had no chance of escape, Corvin appealed to the only trait he knew that all thieves respected: greed. Falling to one knee, he offered a bargain: spare our lives and I will bring you the Ring of Ranald.

Knowing he held all the cards, the Master agreed, to a modified bargain. Adam was to remain with the thieves, and should Corvin fail, Adam would be flayed alive, followed by the rest of Corvin’s family.

So, shouldering the burden of his family’s fate, Corvin set out to find the Ring of Ranald and free his brother.

He joined the rest of the party by teaming up with Hennessey. Corvin wanted to rescue his brother and knew he would need help. Hennessey was looking for targets with high bounties. In exchange for help in freeing Adam, Corvin was willing to help Hennessey capture (or hopefully kill) the Master of Thieves, who would bring a huge bounty.

Personality Traits

Loyal to friends and family, indifferent to others. No problems with killing to get what he wants. In D&D terms, he’s true neutral, with a very strong us-vs-them mentality.

Corvin Tanson

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