Character Creation House Rules

These are changes or additions to the sourcebook rules. Unless it’s listed below, all sourcebook rules are in effect.

1. Characteristic Generation (Table 2-1)

  • Main Profile
    • For these 8 attributes, instead of rolling 2d10 for each one (I don’t like rolling for attributes), you get 100 points to spend.
    • You can add to the base value up to 20 points per attribute.
    • +1 to +19 costs 1 point each. Going from +19 to +20 costs 2 points
  • Secondary Profile
    • For Wounds and Fate Points, roll 2d10 for each and take the higher rolls when using Tables 2-2 and 2-3.
    • Everything else uses Table 2-1.

2. Starting Career (Table 2-5)

  • You don’t have to roll; you can choose your starting career, but you have to follow the racial restrictions on the table. (ex: Only Dwarves and Humans can start out as a Bodyguard) I will make exceptions for this if you can make a good case.

3. Racial Talents

  • If you’re a Human or a Halfling, you can choose your Random Starting Talent(s) instead of having to roll. But you’re still restricted to the talents available to either race on the table.

Character Creation House Rules

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